Join us in our search for THE ULTIMATE bottled tiki-cocktail with Voerman Vieux!

The winner will get the unique opportunity to develop their winning drink as a Ready To Drink-cocktail from DCC (De Cocktail Club). The cocktail will be launched in 2023, available at 500+ hospitality outlets and nation-wide wholesalers. The winner will also be entitled to a % of the net profit from the cocktail sales.


  • 40 ml Voerman Vieux per serving
  • You can further use white rum, aged rum, tequila, gin, wodka, blended scotch whisky, bourbon & liqueurs. Sorry guys and girls, no mezcal.
  • You can use fruit juices, syrups, cordials, acid solutions, foamers, and fortified wines such as sherry, vermouth, port.
  • The drink needs to have a shelve life of 5-7 days, when chilled
  • For this purpose, you cannot use vinegars, shrubs or juices that go bad rapidly – like watermelon and cucumber. You can, quite often, make a syrup out of these.
  • The drinks must be scalable
  •  The volume of the drink in the bottle must be between 120-180 ml. This is a bottled cocktail presented BEFORE shaking, swizzling, stirring or building over ice.
  • The winner of this competition will develop the winning drink together with the organisation into a RTD-drink of DCC. Some small adjustments for scalability, availability, and shelf-life purposes will most likely be necessary, and the organisation is entitled to do so.

Send your recipe to before dropping your cocktail in August, specify the ingredients, method (shake, stir, built), wished serve (straight up, on ice, on crushed ice), glassware, garnish.

Please note, the cocktail will still need to be diluted till some extend by shaking, stirring, or pouring over ice.

Mandatory! Do post your cocktail (served in the glassware and garnished as you like) on instagram, tag @voermanvieux.

THE Top 10 winners will be announced on August 19 2022.

The grande finale of Getting tiki with it! Will take place on September 12th at Rum Club Utrecht. We will update you on the timings, judging criteria and the all-star team of judges.

For this entry round the criteria are:

Taste (aroma, palette, balance, wow-factor)  30
Creativity 10
Drinkability (do you want 2 or 3 of these?) 20
Representation of Voerman Vieux   20
Scalability   10
Tikiness (Tiki DNA)   10
total  100