Voerman Vieux Spiced Brandy combines the richness of Limousin oak aged grape brandy from France and the uplifting versatility of natural botanicals bittersweet orange, distinct cardamom, aromatic figs, warming cinnamon and fiery ginger root. 

  • Product name: Spiced Brandy
  • Brand name: VOERMAN
  • Category: Spirit Drink
  • Flavour profile: Full bodied and herbaceous
  • Alcohol: 40% ABV
  • Sugar: 8 g/l
  • Country of Origin: The Netherlands
  • Brand-owner: VOERMAN Spirits VOF
  • Distillery: Herman Jansen Distillery
  • Ingredients: Brandy, botanicals, sugar and water

Production process:

  1. We selected an oak aged grape brandy from France
  2. Distillates and extracts of natural botanicals are added to enrich the flavour profile 
  3. A small pinch of sugar and water is added to the liquid
  4. Bottled at the distillery in Schiedam at 40% ABV

Tasting Notes

Voerman Vieux is clear in appearance, deep golden to medium amber in colour. The nose opens with sweet and floral aromas of figs, orange peel and orange blossom, followed by distinct notes of vanilla, oak and the dried fruits. Subtle hints of cinnamon and cardamom finish the intriguing nose. 

The palate starts with bursting flavours of figs, dried raisins, orange marmalade, vanilla, and white chocolate, supported by a mouth coating texture. The spirit continues with a pleasant yet complex set of dry spice notes from oak, cinnamon, and cardamom. The finish starts off with spicy and sweet ginger notes and ends with a soft, warming and long lingering aftertaste of gentle spice and zesty orange.

Voerman Vieux bottle