our story

Renowned beverage journalist Ingmar Voerman combined forces with spirit entrepreneur Jos Zonneveld in 2020 to bring back and improve the forgotten Dutch spirit Vieux. At one of the oldest family distilleries in Schiedam we started our journey to make the best vieux ever, and to craft a very unconventional spirit: a spiced brandy.

First challenge was to find the ideal brandy base that showcased pure grape character, barrel ageing characteristics and provided a canvas to paint with natural botanicals. After having selected the ideal French grape brandy with one year ageing on Limousin oak, we continued our mission to find the ideal set of botanicals.

After one year of tasting and experimenting, we settled for sample 37: The spirit that is now known as Voerman Vieux! We did manage to craft a unique spirit balancing the beautiful characteristics of grape brandy, figs, bittersweet orange, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, oak and ginger!

© Ming Chao