Voerman Vieux – Superior Dutch Spiced Brandy – is a handcrafted, quality reinvention of a traditional Dutch spirit. In Dutch history, vieux is a notorious yet beloved spirit designed to imitate the flavour profile of the world’s favourite brandy (cognac). We’ve turned this cheeky tradition upside down, and looked for a new approach that genuinely can be called ‘superior’. Made with a base of the finest French Limousin oak aged grape brandy, which we enriched and spiced with distillates and extracts of natural botanicals.

Voerman Vieux combines the richness of Limousin oak-aged-grape brandy from France with the uplifting versatility of natural botanicals: bittersweet orange, distinct cardamom, aromatic figs, warming cinnamon and fiery ginger root. Bold, characterful, and rewarding enough to savour neat or on the rocks, yet especially developed to gracefully mix in a wide array of highballs and cocktails. Meticulously crafted at one of the oldest family distilleries in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

© Ming Chao